Pilgrimage/Retreat In The Ancient Land Of Lamas, Yaks & Sacred Mountains

Start A New Life And Visit The Place that is considered For many The Source Of Spirituality and the Most Sacred Land on Earth

Aug 3-16, 2024


An unforgettable journey to TIBET




13 Nights/14 Days in Tibet to Discover and Enjoy this magnificent place, to visit The Most Sacred Monasteries, Lakes & Mountains of Tibetan Culture and learn About Yourself Discovering Your Higher Calling in Life


TIBET - Lasha, Shigatse, Pilgrimage to Sacred Kailash Mt. and much more...


August 3 -16, 2024


Arriving Through Our International Flights, We will meet at Lasha, the Capital of Tibet, on Aug 3, from Where Our Journey Will Start


  • A spiritual retreat with Alexander Northern Deer
  • Visiting The Potala palace
  • Visiting Some of The Oldest and Most Sacred Monasteries of Tibet
  • Visiting Sacred Lakes
  • Hiking/Pilgrimage (sacred Cora), 3 days, around Kailash Mt - the Holy Mt. of Tibet.
  • Visiting The Holy Cave of The Enlightened Yogi Milarepa


  • 3080€


You can access all the information necessary for our trip to TIBET by writing to us at wow@woworld.org


Mother Nature has created a land full of Incredible Mountains, Mystical lakes and Holly People - a place, ready to be explored, prayed, walked, and lived: TIBET.

Coming to Tibet with us offers a unique opportunity to explore this mysterious region's culture, history, and breathtaking natural beauty. As one of the world's most remote and least visited destinations, Tibet offers an unparalleled experience for adventurous travelers. Our knowledgeable local guides will guide us and take you to sacred temples, monasteries, and landmarks while introducing you to the friendly locals and their fascinating way of life. You'll also have the chance to witness stunning landscapes, from towering mountain ranges to turquoise lakes and vast grasslands. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to discover the enchanting and mystical land of Tibet.

We call all of you adventure lovers to join forces with us in this off-the-beaten-path retreat/pilgrimage and let Tibet immerse us in silence and self-discovery and reveal to us the essence of our being.

Let us enjoy these two weeks together in The Sacred Land Of Tibet to sacred temples and caves, walk around the Holy mountain of Tibet, the Kailash Mt, visit the stunning Palace of Dalai lama Potala, and experience the 7000+ m tops of the Himalayas live in their natural environment. We will visit amazing places, and get to experience the essence and the spirit of Tibet. Our group will be led by Alexander Northern Deer, a Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, and Healer, and we will have many in-depth practices.

We are welcoming you with love! This life is for freedom!

An unforgettable trip to TIBET


DAY 01 - Aug. 3


A short flight into Tibet gives you a panorama of the snowy Himalayan ranges or the days of train-ride over the high plateau by crossing the mighty Thangu la ranges get you to Lhasa with beautiful sceneries along the route, your arrival at the Gonggar airport or Lhasa Train Station will be greeted by our Tibetan guide and driver and transfer to your hotel in Lhasa city, from the airport to Lhasa it is about 60km and it takes less than an hour through the recently built highway, from the train station it is only 25km and it takes about half hour, check in the hotel and maybe meet with other fellow travelers, then take it easy for the rest of the day to acclimatize and alleviate the jet lag. Overnight in Shambala Palace or Kyichu hotel

DAY 02 - Aug. 4


Attractions; Jokhang temple and bustling Bakhor street and Potala palace.

Today is your first day on the high plateau and some of you may have a little headache which is very common for travelers by the high altitude, so drinking enough water and mild activity on the first few days is recommendable. In the morning, our guide will meet you at the hotel and take an easy visit to Jokhang Temple in the center of Old Lhasa city. Jokhang temple is one of the most sacred temples in Tibet and it is always bustling with earnest local pilgrims since from early days. After that, you have time to walk around Bakhor Street which is one of the most devotional circuits as well as the crowded central market of Lhasa, during the old days it was the most famous local market but now it has changed to a tourist gift shopping center. In the afternoon, we will visit the famous Potala Palace, the cardinal landmark of Tibet and the masterpiece of Tibetan architecture, it was first built by 33rd King Songtsen Gangpo in the 7th century, and later in the 17th century, it was rebuilt by 5th Dalai Lama, since then it was home to the Dalai Lama and his government. Walking through the long steps is quite challenging but it is worthwhile to leave your footsteps in the spiritual palace of God of compassion, which was listed in the World Heritage in 1994. Overnight in Shambala Palace or Kyichu hotel 

DAY 03 - Aug. 5


Attractions; Pabongka and Sera monastery

In the morning, we shall drive up to Pabongka from where you will have a view of Lhasa city and after visiting the temple, you shall head up to do a short hike up to Sera Utse and will spend the whole morning there. After doing 2-3 hour hiking, you will have a lunch break and then drive to Sera monastery. The amazing day will end with a visit to the Sera Monastery. It was built in the fifteenth century by the Jamchen Choji Sakya Yeshi who is a disciple of Tsongka pa. A few different monastic colleges in Sera is home to several hundred monks from different part of Tibet, the famous Buddhist philosophical debates among the monks are happening every day in the afternoon except Sunday. Continues acclimatize and alleviate jet lag rest of the day. Overnight in Shambala Palace or Kyichu hotel.

DAY 04 - Aug. 6

LHASA(3600m) - GYANTSE (3900m) - SHIGATSE(3900m), 350 km

Attractions; Yamdrok lake, Mt.Nyechen Kangsar glacier, Gyantse Kubum stupa and Pelkhor Choede monastery.

We start drive toward south west, through the zigzag road climb up the Kampa la pass (4700m), from there you will be amazed by the

breathtaking glimpse of the holy Yamdrok lake with its turquoise color and snow caped Mt.Nyenchen Khangsar in the distance, then continues

drive along the lake for few kilometers get us to the lunch stop at Nagar tse. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying the many magnificent

valleys and exquisite Tibetan villages that pass through; en route we will stop at Karo la (5150m) to see the holy mount Nyenchen Kangsar

glacier. Arrival at Gyantse, we visit Kumbum stupa and Palkhor Choede monastery, this magnificent multi-door structure is the largest stupa in

Tibet, it is not only well known for its architecture but also its old sculptures and paintings all around its inner walls, late afternoon drive to Shigatse which is only 90km. Overnight in Gesar hotel

DAY 05 - Aug. 7

SHIGATSE (3900m) – (4200m)- SAKYA 150 KM

Attractions; Tashi lhunpo monastery and Sakya monastery.

Today we will visit Tashi Lhunpo monastery in morning and guide will make his/her time to obtain the ATP permit from the local PSB, Tashi

Lhunpo monastery is one of the largest functioning monastery in the western part of Tibet which has more than 600 years of history, it is a

different experience by walking with local pilgrims through temples and twisted lanes within the old buildings in the campus. Then drive to

Lhatse for the night, en route we will drive off the main road to Sakya monastery which is located in a small village, this area and monastery has a different architectural design and color. Sakya monastery was an important scholastic study center in the 13th century and under the leadership of Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen, Sakyapa ruled Tibet for decades during that period of time. Overnight in Sakya hotel

DAY 06 - Aug. 8

SAKYA (4200m) – SAGA (4500m), 340km

Today we will drive straight to Saga through a long valley of Brahmaputra tributary, compare to the last few years, the road condition is much better as it is recently reconstructed and paved. You will have an opportunity to witness the nomadic life along the way there and you shall experience some beautiful lakes too. Overnight at Saga in Norling hotel

DAY 07 - Aug. 9

SAGA – DARCHEN (5000m), 520km

Attractions: View of Lake Manasarovar and Mt Kailash.

Today the thrilling journey across the dry and vast plain with stunning views of great Himalaya in the south and Trans-Himalayan in the north,

the moonscape plain of the region is home for sparse lone nomads whose lifestyle remains close to what it has been for centuries, and numbers of plateau wild lives. Different natural landscapes like sand dunes and picturesque mountain views are not only the great beauty of the day but also the holy lakes and mountains. Then we will reach to the Manasarovar Lake (victorious lake) in the late afternoon, which is one of the holiest lakes in Tibet and every year it receives thousands of pilgrims. The lake is surrounded by several prominent peaks like Gurla Mandata (7760m). Then we will further drive to Darchen which is the starting point of the Mt Kailash (7762m) trekking, you will also have great view of the Kailash from the front. Darchen is a small nomadic village and now increasing number of guesthouses and restaurants make it more commercial. At your arrival you have plenty of time to explore around the town and prepare for the trekking, you can also hiking around the hills to get physically ready for the trekking. In the afternoon, your guide will arrange others trekking necessities like porters and yaks for your luggage transportation. You can find different restaurants according to your taste or your guide will help you to find some better ones. Overnight in Guest House.

DAY 08 - Aug. 10


Attractions; the views on both side of the valley that you are going to trek.

Today our Pilgrimage start from Darchen and tracing the small trail in the clockwise circuit around the Peak on an average altitude of 4700m. You will encounter numbers of local Buddhist pilgrims doing along your way and several Bon believers in the anti-clockwise direction. After 4hours trek we will reach to Tamdin(4780m) where a nomadic tents serves simple lunch and boil water. From there it is only 4km to Dirakpuk monastery but between these stretches have some of the best scenery of the entire kora (pilgrimage in Tibetan Tradition). Dirakpuk was rebuilt in 1985 located on the north side of the Lha-chu River facing to the north face of the Mt. Kailash. Dirakpuk name originally comes from a word Dira that means female yak horn and Puk means cave that in a mythical story says a female yak opened the cave. Overnight at Dirapuk guesthouse

DAY 09 - Aug. 11


Attractions; the one and only chance of challenging to cross the Dikpala (5000m) and Dormala (5600m) next to Dikpala

Today is the most challenging part of the trekking where we will cross two passes, though there are not too steep but the altitude make is more tiring and slow, after we cross Dikpala (5000m) & Dormala (5600m), the passes are remarked by heaps of prayer flags and cairns, It is worthwhile to spend some minutes on the pass to view and relax, as you are right backside of the Mt. Kailash and offers great view of the holy peak. Then we will climb down into the long valley and stop lunch at Shabjay Dakpo nomadic tent for lunch. Zuktul Puk monastery (4790m) also includes the miracle cave that is built by two religious figure Milarepa and Naro Bonchung. And still you can see the footprint and handprint of Milarepa inside the cave. Overnight at Zultul Puk in Guest House.

DAY 10 - Aug. 12


Attractions; close view of the Manasarovar lake and Thuktso lake.

Today is an easy day trek to complete the circuit and your driver will pick you up from Tashi Do (which is also called as Dzongsar). Then

continues drive to Lake Manasarovar and overnight at guesthouses near the lake.

DAY 11 - Aug.13


Today we will trace the road back to Saga for the night. You shall visit Dargyeling monastery along the way.

DAY 12 - Aug. 14

SAGA – SHEGAR (5150m - 300 km).

As we leave, we will have the opportunity to witness the beautiful Pikutso Lake and also Himalayan peaks such as Mount Shishabangma, Mt Everest, and Mount Cho Oyu along the way to Shegar. This can be one of the best drives of your trip and you shall stay at Shegar which is 100 KM away from Everest Base camp..

DAY 13 - Aug. 15

SHEGAR - SHIGATSE – LHASA, 240km + 270km

Today we will drive back to Shigatse and as you arrive Shigatse, you shall take the train to Lhasa and you will be picked up at the train station by another car and then driven to your respective hotel. Accommodation in Shambala Palace or Kyichu Hotel. 

DAY 14 - aug. 16


Today our guide and driver will send you to the airport or train station and it is time to say goodbye and depart to your next destination.

Alexander Northern Deer – Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Healer & Founder of WOW Academy

Artemisia – Inner Adventurer & Founder of The Travel Capsule Project, part of the WOW Academy

Personal Development & Teachings from Northern Deer Alexander

Our Trip will give us a great opportunity to Meet Spiritual Teacher Northern Deer Alexander and some take time to discover ourselves and go deeper into the essence and the more intimate parts of our lives so that we can Create The NEW in Our Lives in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY!

So, there, we will have meditations, talks, and practices given from Northern Deer Alexander – Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Educator in Family, Business & Self Management.

Alexander will support us by creating an energy field that will help us to connect with all the elements of nature and the aspects of the trip in a more deep and profound way in order to receive insights and understanding of life and ourselves that otherwise would not be possible in a normal state of consciousness. This will happen by discussing some topics and by some of the practices that are available to do all together during the hiking, activities, and other moments of the trip

In this Trip we will delve into:

  • The ART OF MANIFESTATION  – How to create the life You Always Wanted and especially see your future and choose the Destiny that you would like to have + How To Escape from the BIGGEST enemy of Manifestation which is called SELF SABOTAGE. – In this Moment, we all need an experience of our True Self and access to deeper resources of strength, healing, and consciousness that we all have inside of us and are KEY ELEMENT to living the life that we always dreamed and wished for. The truth is that this Trip will be a HUGE boost in your immunity and transformational power with one Goal: to Create the Circumstances in your life where you will be able to escape the Suffering that the world is entering in and take steps towards your destination in life DESPITE the Conditions of the External Chaos in the world.

Also, During the Trip:

  • Crash Course - Introduction To GOAL SETTING & CREATING THE ULTIMATE LIFE - (Theory & Practice) - During all the 14 Days
  • Self Mastery Seminar - The 7 Steps To Momentum - How to Acquire the necessary boost in your energy and actions to be able to manifest effortlessly and powerfully what you truly want (Theory & Practice) - During all the 14 Days
  • Energetic Empowerment & Developing of Personal Power - The Art of Living with The Power of Responsibility: Self-Confidence, how to empower ourselves with practice and everyday mindfulness, reasons we lose our confidence in our relationships and communication with other people (Theory and energy practices are going to be also done in nature).
  • Practicing Meditation: We will do meditation, and you can ask your questions about this most important topic of life.
  • Shamanic Tradition: Teachings from ancient times and the first understanding of spirituality in the world dated back to 40.000 ago!
  • …and many other moments that will enhance your experience of this trip to the fullest. Come with us to enjoy, learn, experience, relax, and, most of all, significantly boost your transformation to a more confident and awakened being!

See you all there!

Also, a possibility for those who want to have an individual consultation with Alexander Northern Deer without additional cost.

For more information about Northern Deet & The WOW ACADEMY (World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure), visit: (https://www.woworld.org/about/)

I traveled with WOW & The Travel Capsule to the Azores and to the Amazon and the Andes Mountains in Peru. Those trips changed my life: the adventure, the organization, the location, and ... the talent and personality of the organizers. The Azores is like going to Paradise - So good! Can't wait for the next trip! Highly recommended!

- Andreea Rosca, UK



Participation: 3080€

(The total amount has to be settled one month before we arrive in Tibet according to our organizing policy).

The TIBET - RETREAT/PILGRIMAGE Participation fee includes:

  • Spiritual Seminar with Northern Deer Alexander
  • All travel permits for Tibet
  • English-speaking Tibetan tour guide
  • All transportation in Tibet as per the itinerary (Private tourist vehicle)
  • All administrative fees
  • All meals and accommodations for your driver and guide
  • Vehicle tolls and vehicle repairs (if necessary)
  • All lodging listed in the itinerary with daily breakfast.
  • Entrance fees for the places listed in the Itinerary
  • One time welcome meal for the group
  • Mineral water, shared Oxygen tank in car.

The TIBET - RETREAT/PILGRIMAGE Participation fee does not include:

  • Transportation costs to and from Tibet.
  • Chinese visa fees and passport fees
  • Lunch and dinner Personal expenses (laundry, photography fees, souvenirs, etc)
  • Tips to the driver and guide
  • Yaks and Potter during the Kailash Pilgrimage


HOW TO REGISTER – relevant Information


To enroll, please send us an email by clicking on the button above saying that you want to participate.

  • To reserve your place, we will ask you for a 30% deposit of the package cost (non-refundable). We will be a small group of max. 12 participants.
  • Please DO NOT book your air flights before contacting us to discuss the details, and then you can proceed with the booking.
  • Then, as soon as you have booked your air flights, please send us your air-flight confirmation and details.

The air flights:

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You should make on your own all the relevant arrangements to have valid health insurance for your trip.


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