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Northern Deer Alexander

As head of the WOW Community and World of Wisdom Academies for the past 20 years, Northern Deer is an expert at finding the perfect road for you and your loved ones to reach your ultimate life goal - the place of inner peace. Whether you're looking for a short-term solution to a problem, an empowering seminar to relax your soul, or an evolution to a place of higher-energy, Northern Deer and his WOW Team are perfectly poised to open the door to your dreams.  

Northern Deer is well-known around the community for his morning practices. The first thing he does when he takes you to one of the WOW Seminars is starting the day by going out and get intimately acquainted with all of the surrounding nature. He then sends out one by one to express themselves through singing or dancing in the middle of the circle of his team, so they can quickly figure out which feelings and personalities bother the most manifesting their dreams.  

Elena Niculae

Elena has been the head & the heart of the WOW Team for four years. Her goal is to bring beautiful moments, luxury & relaxation to every member of the school and every seminar. When organizing a meeting or a seminar, he considers every detail from the atmosphere and the wellbeing all the way through to the chair's comfort that everyone will sit on. She not only streamlines and simplifies the process but she's actually found a way to make participating in the WOW events exciting.  

Elena knows that trying to reach inside your essence the place we call "Home" can be an emotional time. She also knows that participating in the evolutionary process with the right attitude and energy can help make those emotions a little more positive. She finds you the best practices while emphasizing sincerity throughout the process.

Maya Tudor

I'm a co-founder & instructor/trainer at the World of Wisdom and Spiritual Adventure, a sanctuary where souls find solace and seekers discover their true path.

My journey into the realms of spirituality began amidst the chaos of both the external world and the turmoil within my own being. A decade ago, on a serene autumn day in Bucharest, a dear friend extended an invitation to a yoga class, a gesture that would alter the course of my life forever.

In the embrace of that first session, I found a profound sense of peace that compelled me to continue for three transformative years. Yet, despite the solace found on my mat, fundamental questions lingered unanswered, driving me deeper into the labyrinth of my own existence.

It was through the gentle guidance of fate that I stumbled upon a shamanic ritual, an encounter orchestrated by the divine. In that sacred space, I crossed paths with my true spiritual guide, Northern Deer Alexander, a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment.

Under his tutelage, my existence underwent a profound metamorphosis. With clarity and compassion, he illuminated the path of the warrior, teaching me to harness the trials of life as catalysts for growth. Through the crucible of adversity, I learned that within the heartache and defeat lie the seeds of resilience and purpose, sown by the hand of a benevolent universe.

Today, armed with the wisdom bestowed upon me by my mentor, I stand ready to guide others along their own transformative journey. Together, we shall unravel the mysteries of existence and unlock the boundless potential that lies dormant within.

I am a healer and a steward of financial wisdom, utilizing the canvas of business to paint a portrait of conscious evolution. Through the application of Universal Laws, I empower individuals to manifest their deepest desires and transcend the limitations of the material world.

If you find yourself adrift in the sea of uncertainty, yearning for a beacon to illuminate your path, know that I stand ready to extend my hand.

With love and compassion, I invite you to step into the light of truth and consciousness.

Namaste, dear seeker, for in your quest lies the promise of transformation. Together, let us embark upon a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

You are not alone—I am here for you, every step of the way.

Monika Marek

Monika lives in Valencia (Spain) where she is an Instructor of the WOW Academy.

She was on her quest for truth many years, traveled through Asia, and studied Tibetan Buddism in Nepal and India. She also studied Astrology, Pranic Healing, and trained herself to be a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

When she met Alexander Northern Deer in 2015 she immediately knew that she found her true Path. Since this time she participated actively in all the practices and events of the WOW School and went through a deep transformation that changed her life. Now she wants to share her spiritual path with others.

She specializes in practices of Shamanic Healing,  Lucid Dreaming, Esoteric Martial Arts, and Astroshamanism. She also gives courses of Mindfulness and Meditation.

contact: wowacademyspain@gmail.com

Andreea Rosca

She was always attracted to understand the deepest parts of life: the human psyche, how our childhood affects us, but most of all HOW TO BE HAPPY!

She was a teacher for 10 years and she studied psychology but she couldn't find fulfillment and real happiness through this... The real happiness she founded 3 years ago when she started her spiritual journey in Wow Academy, and Alexander's teachings completely changed the destiny of her life...the only thing she wished is to teach people by heart, not by the mind and exactly this happened after only 6 months after the first meeting in Wow Academy. Since then she is manifesting the calling of her soul and teach people whit joy spiritual practices like Esoteric Martia Arts, Chakra's Dance, and Yoga in the UK. She discovered through our Academy that evening in this Universe is Energy and this Energy has powerful qualities which can completely change one's life if one has an open heart and can trust in a Power bigger then oneself which created everything in this world, including ourselves, and this Power is ready to help us in any moment we are asking it.

This is what Andreea wants to transmit to the people helping them to experience Joy, Freedom, Love, and the Divine Blessing.

She loves dancing, singing, and being around people and this is who she is; a being Celebrating Life. She believes that by Celebrating Life we are honoring the Spirit, the Existence and to be sad in our life is the real sin! She strongly believes that we all came in this world with a light inside to share it and shine! So let's shine!

Alexandra Melachroinou

Alexandra is a student and instructor/trainer at the World of Wisdom and Spiritual Adventure - WOW Academies. She has been involved in spirituality and personal growth since a young age but became a member of the WOW school in 2014. There, she studied various spiritual philosophies and teachers, such as Gurdjieff, Eckhart Tolle, and Carlos Castaneda, and her teacher and the founder of the World of Wisdom and Spiritual Adventure, the healer and Shaman Northern Deer Alexander. She has participated in various seminars in Greece and abroad, expanding her experiences and knowledge to be able to share them with others. Her goal is to guide both professionals and non-professionals to overcome obstacles and setbacks in their lives, such as the victim mentality, regain their self-confidence, and personal power, raise their awareness, and achieve their goals through their journey in personal development.

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