BUCHAREST | MAY 8 - 29, 2022


Sundays in the Park

Happiness & Vitality

for a Fuller, More Satisfying Life

Led by Northern Deer Alexander and members of the

WOW Academy


WOW Academy, or The World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure, is a spiritual school specializing in self-development and personal improvement. The Academy was founded by shaman and spiritual teacher Northern Deer Alexander, who has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the pursuit of true personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. His practices and teachings are powerfully designed to reach the inner core of who we are and who we want to become, combining techniques from different spiritual traditions, including Siberian Shamanism, Yoga, Esoteric Martial Arts, Astrology, Interpersonal Coaching and Business Development.


WOW Sundays in the Park are a series of events held in the beautiful Izvor Park in central Bucharest, aimed at connecting with our true potential and improving our inner vitality to help us achieve what we really want in life. Each session will take place on Sunday morning and will combine a variety of physical exercises, self-improvement techniques, spiritual teachings, and energetic practices to help raise our energy levels and cultivate a positive outlook on life, leading to better, happier results over-all.

There are four main pillars that contribute to leading a well-balanced life. These four pillars are Health & Well-being, Relationships, Financial Abundance, and Confidence & Personal Power. For us to be fulfilled and achieve what we truly want, each of these four areas needs to be aligned with who we are, and with our highest potential at the innermost core of our being, at each moment in our lives. The practices, techniques and teachings learned during WOW Sundays will help you balance each of these four areas of your life, leading you to greater happiness, and empowering you to reach for the greatest goal you could possibly achieve : inner fulfillment and true freedom.

Featured Techniques and Teachings : Yoga Asanas, Meditation, Physical Exercises, Power Work-out, Energetic Practices, Breathing Techniques, Esoteric Martial Arts, Spiritual Teachings, and Shamanic Philosophy.

When : Every Sunday at 10am, starting on May 8, 2022

Where : Izvor Park, in Bucharest (Exact location to be confirmed)

Price : 195 RON/per person, per month (4 Sunday sessions)*

* Special Offer : Free for the month of May, 2022

Special Spring Offer - Free Sundays : May 8 - 29, 2022

Join us for a month of special activities, presentations, discussions and energetic practices over four consecutive Sundays in May, entirely for free! A great opportunity to meet the WOW team, try out the activities, and learn how our outlook on life can lead us to a happier, more fulfilled life. These sessions will be an introduction to the WOW Sundays in the Park program, and each Sunday will focus on one of the four pillars for happy living : Health & Well-Being, Relationships, Abundance & Financial Wealth, and Confidence & Personal Power.

Sunday, May 8

10 am - 11:30 am

Health & Well-Being

Learn how energy levels are affected by your outlook on life, and how this can affect your over-all health and well-being. An introduction to energetic practices and spiritual teachings to raise energy levels and connect with your inner vitality.

Price : Free

Sunday, May 15

10 am - 11:30 am


Our relationships can have an effect on how fulfilled we feel, and vice versa. Learn to raise your energy levels and communicate effectively with others, bringing positive results to your life.

Price : Free

Sunday, May 22

10 am - 11:30 am

Abundance & Financial Wealth

Financial wealth is within your reach! Learn how abundance is connected energetically with how we think and feel, and discover practices to help develop this important area of life.

Price : Free

Sunday, May 29

10 am - 11:30 am

Confidence & Personal Power

Our success depends on how confident we are and how much energy we pour into our dreams. Learn spiritual practices and techniques to help connect with your inner power and reach your highest goals and aspirations.

Price : Free


Izvor Park, Bucharest

Contact : (+40)722457082 and (+40)737535693

WOW Sundays will be held in the beautiful Izvor Park in central Bucharest, opposite the Parliament Palace. Please contact a member of the WOW team for the exact location.




Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Personal Development Coach, & Founder of WOW Academy

Northern Deer Alexander has been a shaman and spiritual teacher for over 20 years. Combining a variety of spiritual practices and techniques, including Siberian Shamanism, Esoteric Martial Arts, Yoga, and Business Development, he founded WOW Academy to help guide others along the path to a happier, more fulfilling life.



Elena has been an instructor at WOW for several years, leading yoga sessions, esoteric martial arts, and other practices. She is a fountain of knowledge, full of insights and inspires others with her simple, straight-forward way of transmitting knowledge.



Maya is passionate about leadership and about helping others achieve success. Over the years she has helped many of her students improve their outlook on life and transform their lives for the better, with extraordinary results.



Sandra has been a student at WOW for several years, and embodies a pure, natural lifestyle. Through yoga and other WOW practices, she has managed to live her best life and is committed to helping others do the same.



Koralia's favourite WOW practices are esoteric martial arts and shamanic theatre, because they bring out the best in her and help her connect with her highest potential. "No two people are alike. Let me help you connect with the best in you!"