What Is Happening in Ayahuasca?

Northern Deer Alexander

Many people have asked us this question.

Some are genuinely attracted to this spiritual experience of Ayahuasca and would like to try it. However, they might feel challenged or afraid, and this is completely normal as the ritual leads you to the unknown in realms beyond the logical mind, where you have to drop control. As Carlos Castaneda would put it, it moves the point of perception you have far away from the normal position.

Others have a negative belief regarding the plant, thinking it is another tripping drug. This could not be further from the Truth!

Ayahuasca plant rituals have been judged...

and compared with chemical "substances" and accused of hallucinogenic visions for so long. This is happening to people that don't have any experience on the subject.

Personally, I have not taken any drug substance in my entire life. And during the Ayahuasca rituals, I had no visions or tripping of some short. The reason is that I focused, as the shaman suggested. However, I had an alternated and sharper consciousness of what was real, what I truly am, and what is happening in the moment of the physical death - not to the body, but to the ego mechanism.

Those who practice mediation...

also might have discovered the exact same thing.

I observed that I am beyond any form- body, thoughts, or emotions. What we call "ourselves" in daily life is another persona with which we have identified. Through the ritual, I could observe random thoughts happening in the mind (always random). It was like a broken record looping again and again. And then something else was there, which I would not call it myself. Someone or something listened attentively to the thoughts and reacted to them. I was sometimes laughing at what the thoughts were presenting, getting afraid of, or having an emotional reaction.

In daily life, people call this part "myself."

They give a name to it. This is Marry, John, George, etc.

In the Ayahuasca ritual, though, it became crystal clear that this is not what we are. There is something else that cannot be put into words and is just observing without any quality or form. It is more something like "knowing." - this is the best word I can use for now. Of course, each has their unique experience in the Ayahuasca ritual according to what they need to process internally.

What people accuse as hallucinogenic visions or tripping are just the images or patterns of their subconscious mind, which they keep there all their lives, suppressed and without being unaware of it. The logical mind keeps the control in our everyday life.
The only case, for everyone, that the logic steps back so the subconscious can express itself or unveil is during the sleeping time in dreams.

In Ayahuasca rituals...

mental control relaxes through the aid of the plant, so the subconscious can be revealed to you, express itself, and unveil. And this is what brings healing to the body and mind.

So, it is possible to have visions, but there is not something obscure-mystical or foretelling your future.

At that moment, your subconscious simply expresses itself and presents to you its content. And this a great opportunity for healing.

The positive effects of Ayahuasca in Trauma healing, cancer healing, and so many other complications that people face have already been highlighted by recognized specialists such as Dr. Gabor Mate and many others.


if I could put it shortly, Ayahuasca rituals, when conducted by an experienced and ethical shaman, performed in the plant's place of origin, which is nowhere other than the jungle!.... can bring an opportunity to your life. Opportunity for realization and transformation.
And this is the only reason we have been organizing and leading the specific trips in Peru.

In friendship,
Co-founder & organizer of The Travel Capsule Project  


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