The “Warrior’s” Mindset.

Northern Deer

Do You Like Warriors?

When I was younger I liked very much watching movies about warriors and heroes. I was super excited and thrilled with the adventures and obstacles that these protagonists could overcome and handle. I was going out of the movie theater pumped up, determined, and more present than ever. I was in a state of ecstasy almost. What most of all made me feel this way was the fact that the warriors had this independence and control over their life. They were sure or at least they were ready to go all-in in every situation and challenge.  They would face their fears and they always seemed internally prepared. It was this ability to not be afraid to deal with any situation, this inner power they had. Why all that impacted me so much? Because, simply, these were qualities that I, myself, didn’t have. Indeed I was missing this inner power. This is why we like the movies and the stories, it is because in some of them we find, see and experience indirectly the feeling and energy of what we lack or missing from our lives.

So what is the warrior’s mindset? Is it something you miss too?

Let’s dive into it a little bit more.

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1 – Deciding On Their Own.

The first and most common thing for us, as everyday humans, is the lack of developing this skill while we are growing up. The exact opposite is the case. Everybody is telling us what we should do and who we should be in order to make it and survive in this world. In the beginning, this everybody is our parents who are constantly suggesting to us how to live. Like it or not they are putting in our heads their ideas. They tell us what lessons are best for us in school, what behaviors are right and wrong, what we should think, feel and do. They tell us what we should become when we grow up and sometimes who should or should not be our friends. And the warriors? Oh, no, not the warriors. The warriors have this intrinsic capacity to think for themselves and decide their own fate. How intrinsically opposite this is.

Later we learn to listen to our colleagues at work, to our friends, to social media and advertising, and all in all we usually arrive to completely lose the capacity to decide on our own for our lives. So much so that when finally meet a situation where we have to take a decision we feel extremely at a loss. I hear people times and again saying this phrase to me. Please tell me what should I do?

Well, the first and most important thing for all of us to do is to fight as a warrior this influence that makes us unable to make decisions. It is the warrior’s duty to fight his enemies and today one of the biggest enemies is conformity to the standards of the majority. We are not sheep but unfortunately not warriors either. But we have a chance to become if we will realize this mistake in the attitude of the modern world and decide to start fighting this inner demon of indecision and fear to be our own influence.  

2 – Fighting Their Enemies (Facing Their Fear)

In continuation, to the previous factor of course the warrior’s mindset is wrapped around developing the fighting spirit. How else can you go out and fight the weak influence if you cannot fight at all? So what is really fighting? I think it is simple. The crucial moment in a fight is the moment when the warrior actually is facing the enemy. This is everything and I have seen countless movies but also documentaries of real fights and wars that start with the opponents facing each other. And this point is the most crucial. If the warrior will be scared of his opponent he or he will lose the fight (usually). This psychological aspect of fearlessness in facing your enemy tete-a-tete is the essence of the fighting spirit. And if you think about it for a minute this is the most difficult thing when in our everyday social life we come across an enemy or a difficulty. The first thing is we shy away from even looking at our situation, which in turn makes us want to hide and escape, which makes us usually run away. In this way we never face our fears and overcome them, the opposite, our fears win over us and they grow in strength so the next time we have to face a similar situation we are already defeated from the past. And the Karma goes on…

So what is the moral of this? Learn and train yourself to find this moment when your face turns to the other side away from facing what is scary for you. Learn to overcome first this fear of looking at your situations, at your fear, at your enemy, internal or external and you will start developing the glance and the attitude of the warrior.

It is Face-Off Time!

3 – No Fear To Take Responsibility & Act Upon It

And the last but not least of the warrior’s mindset qualities that I would like to write about here is the warrior’s attitude towards responsibility and action. For sure, you will not see a warrior preferring the couch and eating cake over taking action and doing their deeds. Their priority is always doing first what has to be done! I have to admit that this was always, for me, the toughest part of this mindset and the one I was most intrigued about and admiring. How was it possible to never want to leave for tomorrow what you have to do today? Well, now, finally, I understand why. It is simply a bad habit. It is something that the whole modern world hypnotizes us slowly and subliminally with: eat the cake, drink the soda, sit on a more comfortable couch…all the advertisements play upon our weaknesses. And we swallow the message: “Yes, let me become fast asleep and dream my happiness through my sensory pleasures…” - the antihero’s, anti warrior’s motto.

“So what’s it gonna be smurf?” as Trinity says to the Merovingian in the Film “The Matrix,” one of the best movies showcasing the warrior spirit.

What do we choose: the comfortable couch or the true power that comes from becoming the leaders of our own life and destiny, blasting away our enemies and weaknesses to non-existence?

The answer - I will leave it to you…

Have a nice day!  

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.