The "Truth" Should Be talking Through You!

Northern Deer Alexander

Everything is already been created such as it is by the Universe. Call it God if you will. When you were born on this earth you have already been created, your soul existed, your essence already existed. You didn't appear out of the thin air, an intelligent human being out of nothing at all. And everything that you are, your body and your soul are created intelligently and with a purpose: to serve the universal plan for existence, to serve the meaning of life. The Universe (call it God if you will), wants to express itself through the creation, that is through you and me. Because of this, through us, the Truth that the Universe wants to transmit should be talking. And this is why you have been equipped with the gift of intuition. We all are connected with the Source of all Life and we should be accessing this Divine Gift More often than we do. But what is happening, in reality, is not this at all, and we can see that we are suffering as humanity and individually. The suffering exists to show us that we are living in the wrong way and that we cannot continue living like this - going against the laws of the Universe. Our Karma and our life must be corrected, more specifically not our life but our consciousness. We must understand, that everything is according to the Nature of the Earth and the Bigger Nature of the Universe, and we as humans cannot “manipulate” and control the Divine Power as we want.

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The whole life is like a school or a game that has a purpose to educate us and give us joy and inner wisdom and if science, politics or business interfere with the plans of the Universe great suffering will result. And we see how this happens nowadays.

Now, humanity starts to understand, that it becomes harder to live because in this period of time we are asked what have we done to promote our spiritual evolution, by expanding our awareness and not only what have we done for the material level.

We are living in the final period of this human evolutionary stage. There were times when humanity needed material evolution to grow spiritually to the next level. Now is the period that the evolution from the material to the spiritual is starting and all the races living on the earth will come together and will start creating a new humanity. For this passing, it is necessary to grow inside of us the spiritual qualities and understand that the material must help the spirit to grow.

When we were born our parents started educating us in conformity with their understanding, creating our mental body. They put in us some programs and behaviors, life purposes, they educated this divine body of ours in their own ways and at the same time thinking that we will be better than them. Later, though we probably became more or less exactly like our parents. In the subconscious level exist the programs that the parents experienced until we were born, and after the birth and early childhood between the age of 7-14, the parents continued to change us creating inside of us programs with their actions and their thoughts.

So education is happening also at the subconscious level, which obliges the children to do some actions until 14-15 years old. But the children don’t want to repeat and live the life of their parents and this is normal. If the children will repeat everything that their parents are telling them humanity will not evolve at all but on some levels, this is happening anyway: we all learn to repeat and memorize, we are saying everything we memorize from our parents and the people around us, everything that we see and memorize when we communicate with our parents and other grownups. If you ask a question to a child who is until 7 years old one in every 5 children will answer that he or she does not want to become like their parents. If the children would become exactly like their ancestors the evolution would stop. We must remember this thing to not create conflicts with the children of any age and to not stop them from getting to learn their surrounding world. When the children become similar to their parents the parents do not observe this, they believe this identification is natural. But the adults start to be irritated when the children leave them in order to express their own individuality and live their own dreams. How can a child become different if it is repeating what the adults are doing?

From 14 years old the child will start to appreciate on his own all the situations of life. He understands that if he will not do what the parents are saying he will be reprimanded. This kind of system where children are living transforms them into some kind of "zombies", and when they will be mature they will not be able to be independent and live their own life doing things by themselves. The shamans have an understanding of this situation: The life of an average human - it is a river that ends up in the lake of suffering and tears. On the river are floating boats in which are sitting the people but their boats do not have oars so they are moving without control according to the river’s flow and finally they arrive at the lake of sufferings and tears(learn more about the secrets of the shamans in our school).

You must have will power to not suffer like everybody and to be happy. When the human enters into the moment of suffering he must learn to feel joy realizing it is the moment of his challenge in order to grow and escape this vicious circle of his parents and the rest of humanity. In such a way some emotions are changing with others and at this moment the person receives the oars, he is able to control his destiny, he is able even to take other people out of the lake of suffering. Like this we can change and create a new life for us, we can change our programming and escape the prison of the collective unconsciousness.

Best Wishes to You!

Northern Deer.

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.