The Habit Of Setting Goals (Part 2)

Northern Deer Alexander


Some people believe there is a contradiction between the concept of setting goals and the the "Law of Attraction", as seen in the film "The Secret" -- as though the idea of allowing the Universe to deliver results related to your wishes cannot coexist with setting goals and implementing strategies to achieve them.

In reality, though, these two paths complement each other.

There is no conflict.

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When setting goals,

...most people find it unpleasant and confusing to focus on too many details.

After watching "The Secret," which offers many deep and interesting insights, people adopted the incorrect belief-system that organizing your future and setting specific goals for yourself is wrong.

Many of the presenters in THE SECRET speak about letting the Universe bring you what you wish for in its own way. You only have to ask for it, and the Universe knows the easiest way to bring it to you. All you have to do is be open to receiving and believe that you will get what you've wished for.

If we believe this mindset is accurate, then of course it makes no sense to set a goal and create a concrete plan for achieving it, while also leaving it all up to the Universe.  

If you have ever achieved a significant goal the past using basic goal-setting techniques and methods, you probably already know that the key to implementing this successfully is defining the details of the plan and focusing on them.

You are probably aware of the fact that if you are as clear as possible, this is what will actually do the work and bring the results to your doorstep. Having dead-lines, a step- by-step action plan, smaller stepping stones, and concrete details towards achieving your goal are all important factors for success. 

For example, you may decide on a financial goal to  increase your income by 10,000 euros before the end of the year. The goal itself will immediately direct your mind to search for and find all the possible ways you can increase your income.

Keeping your desired result in mind, you then start building the steps towards the goal by breaking them into smaller goals. You then create a road map with actionable steps that lead to the end goal, one after the other.

Once again, we are confronted with the question

...about the "conflicting" concepts, between detailed goal-setting and the law of attraction approach offered by most experts. How does this fit into the  "Let the Universe dictate the way and bring the results" mindset?

It's simple. When the film "Secret" talks about letting go of the details and not getting caught too much in your head, what they mean is : let go of how the results will actually come to you, the actual events that will lead towards the goal.  Remember, the Law of Attraction  has to do with your energy,  your inner state. Your inner state is based on what you think, how you feel and how you express it.

If you are detailed when setting your goals

...and feel an  internal state of clarity and concentration (you are in this state when you have defined all the steps to your goal and they are internally very clear), the Law of Attraction will respond to those thoughts and the feelings associated with them.

By staying focused on the concrete aspects of your goal and feeling strongly about them -- and feeeling confident and constructive about attaining the goal -- you are adding tremendous value and energy, and the Law of Attraction starts working in your favor. If you have no negative feelings about your goal and action plan (no doubts, or second-guessing) then the process of goal-setting is empowering both you and the Law of Attraction.

However, if your goals are unrealistic or unachievable

...the Law of Attraction will be drawn to work against you because chances are that you will be feeling stressed, doubtful, and overwhelmed. The Law of Attraction will respond to your inner state and your energy will demonstrate not the joy of achieving your goal but  rather the exact opposite. If you push yourself too much, you will start to develop negative thoughts and feelings about your goal.

If your goals are more realistic, but big enough to excite your creativity and stimulate you energetically, and also motivate you to make an effort, the Law of Attraction will work to your advantage.

The key here is that the more your focus on something

...the more you attract it. When you focus your attention on something, it flourishes, grows and evolves.

So setting goals and planing specific actions to manifest them helps you to focus and direct your energy, emotions and thoughts towards the desired goal.

Setting up a time-frame or deadlines for achieving your goal, at each step of the way, helps you become  more focused. It also gives you a sense of direction and a concrete plan to follow through on.

And it means that you are following one of the fundamental rules of the Law of Attraction – whatever you focus your attention on expands!

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