The Bad Habit Of No Motivation.

Northern Deer


I don't think there is even one person on the earth who didn't search to find motivation in his life. Finding something that motivates us is one of the biggest desires of people because we all, especially today, feel the lack of it. And from time to time, we find something that at least excites us as an idea. We become happy; we say: "Yes! Let's Do that. Finally, I found something I feel I want to pursue!".

But here is the thing: finding something that excites you or motivates you is one thing, but it is quite another to stick with it. There is always in the back of our subconscious mind the thought or, better say, the temptation to pass after a while to something more leisurely, more convenient, and start procrastinating a bit. These feelings of wanting to go backward, forget everything, and live a more relaxed life are many times so powerful that to pull yourself together, up and ready to go, seems almost impossible.

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Falling into the pit hole of demotivation is a bad habit

You know that something is not ok when you decide at night to wake up in the morning to start with your new program of changing and transforming your life or your business to find yourself hitting the snooze button on your alarm watch with no second thought. At this moment, you are inside this sweet state of oblivion, swimming in the deep ocean of sleep; why on earth stop that, right?  

But then again, when you finally get up, you have this heavy feeling of doing something wrong. You know you have deadlines for your projects, and you leave them to slip away. You know time is passing, and so your life. And the worse thing is that you swear again and again that you want to get on with your dreams in life and that this is the only thing you would like; to manage to arrive at this point when you can say: "I did it!" But then the following day comes, and you hit the snooze button once more...

And you also know, even more, that something is not correct when you can't even force yourself to confront this problem that has been annihilating your will to live fully. It seems you lack even the motivation to accept that you are not motivated and see it for what it is.


You have to start by mustering courage and growing your personal power & your confidence from the ground up!


Because that is the real reason behind avoidance and procrastination.
There exist some things that would make you jump from your bed in the morning for sure.
What are these things? Literally, please sit down and think: "What would indeed make me get up from bed early in the morning without being able to wait even 3 minutes to start my day?"
It would help if you allowed yourself to look at this question seriously and not avoid it like you avoid seeing so many things in your life.
The most possible is that you have succumbed to many compromises in your life that made you arrive at the point of not wanting to deal with your everyday life anymore. Hence the snooze button.

"But I have obligations! I Have a family to feed!" I hear you screaming.

It would be best if you thought one level deeper. Precisely because you have obligations and a family to feed and raise, you ought to become the best version of yourself and make sure that: 

  • You jump out of your bed and into your incredible life every single day, "crushing it" and feeling great joy.
  • You need to pass this example on to your family members. You will get the incredible chance to lead others to the same pleasure you are experiencing by example..  

So what is it?

What would make you jump out of bed in the morning? A great practice to answer this question is to take a weekend off somewhere lovely and let yourself dream a scenario that you are the protagonist of the story that makes you feel good to wake up in the morning not because of what you are getting but OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING!
Here is the key - being happy not from what you will receive as a reward for your efforts but from the action itself!
What would be or what is that action?

You have to find the answer to this,

and this will take you eventually to awaken from this bad habit of not wanting to live and lack of motivation. You do not have a problem, my friend. You simply sacrificed yourself as society told you to do, as everybody told you to do. You exchanged the joy of living YOUR thing with the promise of a pleasure received from the reward and the result of doing something.

But life is not a result, it is the passing of the flow of life itself as it is happening in the present moment. There you will find true joy. It would help if you mustered the courage to create a life you want to live in the present and not a life promising you good results in the future. You know it...this future never comes; what comes, though, is a lack of motivation and the snooze button.

Please wake up, my friend.

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.