Put Your Vision On Paper (Part 1)

Northern Deer Alexander


We recently held a 5-day challenge on 'How to Manifest Your Dreams". One part of this challenge was to define "who you are" and "who you want to be", as a kind of initiation into the process of Manifestation. I took this as an opportunity to revisit my own Life Vision and used it to create my first online course about finding one's purpose. While I was doing this, it suddenly became clear to me that my "Life's dream"  is actually a reflection of my unique "personal vision". In other words: what I am doing today reflects my personal vision. This is powerful because it has allowed me to become a spiritual entrepreneur and create a professional life that truly represents my actual being.

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Corporations and businesses

... already know that to help get their employees on board, they need a common vision and a mission statement.  These two things help the company do everything it needs to do to move towards success and prosperity.

Some of us have worked hours dealing with such statements for our colleagues or employers. We have tried to help them connect with their team or community vision, by sharing our own vision. Much like a corporation, each one of us also has our own life purpose or mission.

In the very same way, I believe we should be spending just as much time - or more -  discovering who we truly are and what we would like to become in our life.  

Finding your personal vision or mission statement

...and expressing it is the key to creating a life full of power, motivation, love, and joy.

Your vision or life purpose is not just a goal.  Goals change, whereas your purpose remains the same throughout your whole life.

It is THE MOST ULTIMATE GOAL you could possibly ever achieve or even imagine. Let's say that It's the reason you came to this planet, and it should guide you in the decisions you make, giving you a sense of direction and clarity on WHY you do things.

Your Life's Purpose or vision.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself some time in the future. Not at any specific time, but to help you let's say 10 years from now, more or less. Imagine yourself in a "place"  you think you would like to be in the future.

See who you have become. Where has the future taken you, spontaneously? What do you see yourself doing? (This does not necessarily have anything to do with your career or anything specific). Simply observe who you have become in this future -- who you would like to become. Then take your imaginings even further and observe what your dream self has accomplished. Who are you with, what do you stand for, and how is this all unfolding internally?

In other words, just take the time to feel what it's like to be the person you would like to be in the future.

To be continued next week...

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.