Put Your Vision On Paper (Part 2)

Northern Deer Alexander

... continuing from (part 1)

The Next thing is to open your eyes, come into the present and see yourself in your present conditions.  See your life as it is now from the viewpoint of your future self, the person you will become in your ideal future.  Let's call this your "Higher Self".  In this way,  you allow your Truest Self (the self you know you can become, you know you have inside) to take over and show you the changes you need to make to align with the powerful life you have just envisioned. Now you can be your own leader, and you can be the one who will lead you to this life.

This deep and intimate self-visualization is a reflection of your Truest and most Authentic being.  This kind of powerful inner vision can help you catch a glimpse of your best possible future, which should be also a grounded one.  It should somehow be connected with who you are now in the present. It is like a roadmap, a realization of who you are inside -- and of who you are about to become.

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This is the first step

... in the manifestation process, and the main framework for it: the process of creating your life until the very end, until your ultimate fulfillment. Your vision is the end goal, your destination, your Purpose, and the "HOW you get there" is your mission in life/your Life's Goal.  

Your Mission in Life.

Your Mission will lead you to "HOW" to manifest your Personal Vision in your actual life.

It is the map of your journey towards your destination, but it is not a "to-do" list. It activates the unique path you should be taking and it must be profoundly aligned with who you are and who you are about to become.

 One key thing to remember is that being on a mission means that it is perfectly fine to be at point A (where you are now) while heading towards point B (which is your end goal or the completion of your mission).

In fact, the only place you could possibly be right now (and the only point you should start from if you are thinking about it for the first time), is wherever you actually are in your life at this moment. From this point, you can take on your mission and move towards its completion!

Discovering your personal vision does not mean your life has already changed or that you have arrived where you should be, overnight. But one thing is for sure:  it means that you have turned the switch on and initiated the transformation process.  Now your life WILL change. And the next stage -- mapping out your mission -- will reveal the steps you need to take to get there.

Your Life's Mission should clarify three things:

1. What is my Purpose - what do I really want in my life?

2. What are my rules - what experiences or qualities do I want to have in my life?  What values or qualities do I refuse to sacrifice? (Remember,  your life is your game, and it should have your rules.)

3. What are my objectives and which actions must I take to ensure I will fulfill the first two things?

Your mission puts the deepest and best parts of you into action. It is like you are writing and living out the best possible scenario in a movie in which you are the main character. This is the path that will help bring forth your hidden (or not so hidden) gifts.

Acting on your mission

... will also put you in the best position to contribute what you have to offer the world and the people around you.

It will activate, and help develop and perfect, your most fundamental physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual qualities and abilities, in the depths of your being.

It will teach you about the roles you and others play in life and open your eyes to the truth of the human condition. Your mission will inspire you and guide you to the most essential decisions you will ever make, on all levels.

Discovering and living your Mission will help you find your way to a new job if necessary, or help your present job better serve your goals. The more closely connected you are to your Life's Purpose and Mission, the closer you will be to having a great career and a great life.

So... what are you waiting for?

Let's go!  

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