Motivation : It Really Is That Simple

Northern Deer Alexander

Pulling Yourself Together

You can pull yourself together in the same way you can tear yourself apart. It's a skill you need to master and use every single day for the rest of your life. (I mean the putting-yourself-together skill, of course -- the tear-yourself-apart one we are all masters at). When your negative side conflicts with your wishes to grow and have a beautiful life, remember the advice I am going to give you here today.

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The Perfectionist Trap

You will never be perfect (on the outside, at least). This is simply the Dharma of Life.  Perfectionism is one of the main reasons for the negativity and self-destruction in our lives. We have all been brainwashed by the collective beliefs that we have to be perfect in order to deserve respect, joy, happiness, and to get results in life. As a result of this programming, the moment you see that something is challenging or that you can't handle it perfectly (proving that you are inadequate or "unqualified")  you start avoiding it or feeling ashamed of yourself for not being perfect (as you believe you should be). Negative thoughts start appearing in the subconscious mind:  "I don’t feel well", "Maybe I am not experienced enough", "I don't know enough about this". These are all excuses to prove that it's not your fault and that you are not a "loser" (as your subconscious programming has begun to subtly suggest). The thoughts grow and become stronger, they take up space in your internal reality, and then become "your" thoughts, meaning you start to believe them. Then they become REAL for you and YOU become these thoughts.

Don't believe what this negative self-talk has to say. Do not feed into it emotionally. Whenever you tear yourself apart with self-deprecating thoughts about your self-worth and who you are in this moment, shut them out and try to remember that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND BE ANYTHING.  Search for the voice in your soul that knows it, beyond the shadow of a doubt.  

Having Faith in Yourself

Failure IS possible - and even necessary at times. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your actions, in that part of you that dreams of a better life.  Have faith in your life and in life in general, have faith in Creation, and have faith in the world you live in. Do not succumb to the negativity perpetuated (unconsciously) and fed into the collective unconsciousness. Remember that Christ was crucified by normal people, not by orcs or goblins.  The world is full of "normal" people just like this, just like us. So do not succumb so easily to collective opinions and ideas because your inner self will also be "crucified". If you want to be a spiritual human being, your purpose is to "fight" these influences inside you, bounce back, rebuild yourself, and become the best version of yourself you can be - every single day!

White Wolf, Black Wolf

Remember the wise old story of the black wolf and the white wolf. The wise man said to his disciple: "Inside of us live two wolves, a white one and a black one. The white one represents our faith, our belief in the beauty of this world and the good in life, our highest aspirations and dreams, and all the good qualities we have inside. The black wolf represents the opposite. These two wolves fight everyday to try to take control of our inner spirit". "And who will win?" asked the student. "The one you feed the most," answered the master...

Be very careful when you choose sides. Be conscious and aware about which wolf you choose to feed.  You can either be a part of your own success -- the success you know you deserve -- or your own downfall. Always feed the white wolf, the one that believes in you, supports you and is trying to help you towards your best possible life.  This wolf really cares about your well-being, and pushes you to be the person you have always wanted to be.

 Try to win the "fight" every single time. Remember that often, the action that will take you where you want to go is not actually all that difficult. Our mind creates our reality, and it's the seconds of low-level mental chatter preceding the action that do the harm.  This is actually the black wolf...

Remember Your Dream

Always remember your dreams, feed your highest intentions and hold on to them.  The "dreams of the soul" are the most valuable thing in life.  They are an expression of our inner potential, our ability to create the great life that we know we want to  experience. Some people call it passion, others call it their purpose or calling. What is your calling?

This calling or higher dream is what gives you the drive to manifest what you want and pursue a meaningful life full of passion and motivation. Once you find it, your energy will never run out. It is so powerful that if you manage to tap into it, it will help you do the impossible and fly in the face of adversity. This is what will give you the courage to face and conquer even the greatest difficulties that life may throw at you.

 The white wolf truly is inside of you. Find him and make him your best friend.

 Dream big and stay on your path!

About the Author

Northern Deer Alexander is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he enjoys leading shamanic journeys and meditation sessions, going for walks, traveling and meeting new people, engaging in energetic and physical training, reading books, and creating online courses on spirituality and personal development.