Money, Energy & Transformation (Part 4)

Northern Deer Alexander

When someone can do this, this means that their level of personal power is high and that their 3rd chakra (Manipura) and vital energetic body are highly developed and are working well. When the vital body is fully grown and balanced, the person will be able to cut all the negative needs and wishes quickly (the ones that make us needy and reactive), because the 3rd chakra and the vital body control all the lower emotions as well as confidence levels and self-esteem. With high levels of confidence and self-esteem, a person can control the desires that previously controlled him or her. All the information about these qualities exists in the vital body.

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But where do negative emotions come from?

Negative emotions, like aggression and reactivity, come from having low levels of personal power and vital energy. A person with low personal power and vital energy often reacts aggressively to the world around him or her, to counteract the feelings of stress and worry. People like this often feel jealous or nervous, or have other lower emotions, depending on which aspect of their ego is being irritated. Low-level emotions appear (wanting to react, resent others, or be aggressive) because the lack of personal power does not allow him to do things easily in his normal, everyday life.

This dissonance between our desires and our inability to fulfill them (due to low levels of personal power and vital energy) creates reactions inside the vital energetic body. These reactions manifest as destructive, "negative" emotions. The more unfulfilled desires a person has, the worse this dissonance gets. In extreme cases, these people are unable to have a financially fulfilled life. They will be unable to direct their intentions beyond the level of the Manipura chakra, towards the astral body, the mental body, and so on. And the more someone continues to stumble upon their non-manifested desires, the more these desires will continuously claim that person’s attention and energy. And the more unfulfilled material wishes a man has, the less he will be thinking about higher, more sublime things. This will only change when these ideas or feelings disappear entirely from this man's consciousness.

The more a person wants to move towards his personal development,

the more he has to be able to strengthen his vital body (Manipura chakra), which will make him psychologically independent of his surrounding environment. People like this learn not to depend on money and material energies, that may exist today in abundance but tomorrow may disappear.

Always remember that money has been created by society for us to use it as a means of exchanging energy. But it is not the only way, and is not existential – it is an invention.

People who have enough personal power and a firm enough intention to prevent the poverty program (scarcity) from influencing them, always have enough money. Even if they do not actively pursue money. This happens because, as we said before, the man who has enough personal power can allow himself almost anything.

How can we recognize someone with a lot of personal power?

The indicator is that a man like this always manages to manifest his purpose, regardless of whether he has money or not. After this comes the next stage of this man's evolution: he creates an intention and then the right people start appearing -- those who will help him manifest that intention. Or sometimes the circumstances fall into place so that his plans are materialized. The spiritually evolved person does not need to work in a factory or to wash dishes in a restaurant to survive. Such a person is financially at ease. A spiritual person should not be subordinated to the necessities of the surrounding world; he should be independent and free, and this is why he should be creating conditions like this for himself and others, helping them to evolve harmoniously together with the flow of cosmic energy.

We often see that man's consciousness is blocked or destroyed by

the needs and obligations created by society’s mechanical laws. This is because social rules and cosmic laws are not created equally. Society has evolved by following the world's most mechanical laws, and because of this they create dysfunction and cause humans a lot of discomfort. When one tries to follow these laws (written or unwritten), they enter into disharmony and confusion, which leads them to lose the real sense of meaning in their life and in what they do. Gradually, more and more feelings of obligation and spiritual poverty (lack of meaning) begin to appear. And that leads to further loss of loving feelings about oneself and life. But when a man has enough personal power, he starts seeing all these, and he becomes independent of these restrictions and mechanical laws. He sees a way to free himself from the influence of the collective unconsciousness and become independent and free. Then he arrives at the level of evolution where he is free from the impact of the collective unconscious and the laws of society. The person with the poverty program, on the other hand, is mostly governed by the influence of society and the ways of the majority – this is the influence of the collective unconscious.

To be continued...

About the Author

Northern Deer Alexander is the founder of The WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he enjoys leading shamanic journeys and meditation sessions, going for walks, traveling and meeting new people, engaging in energetic and physical training, reading books, and creating online courses on spirituality and personal development.