Money, Energy & Transformation (Part 7)

Northern Deer Alexander

In any case, human beings should be active. We should pursue some kind of goal, whether it be a better job, a more prominent social position, or power, glory, money, fame, success. This is much better than being lazy or being a victim of life.

But we should pursue these goals NOT to satisfy our selfish desires for pleasure and validation. Our main purpose should not be to feel good about ourselves or receive admiration and energy from the world around us. We should pursue these goals for the journey itself, for the pursuit of the goal (in this case, money) itself. You should view it like a game or an adventure -- the game of evolution, where the more conscious you become and the more you change, the more the external results mirror your efforts. For example, one should pursue fitness for the sheer pleasure of being fit and the empowerment this gives them -- not for the outcome in the eyes of the world (six-pack, lean legs, sexy body, etc.). The most successful businessmen don't spend money, they invest it. They pursue wealth, not pleasure. It’s like playing a game you enjoy that empowers you and makes you “sharper” and more alive at the same time.

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Follow the Masters

We need to take heed of what the great Masters have taught humanity. These people have always had the same purpose : to help people learn how to study and understand themselves. We have to take them seriously. Write everything your mother used to tell you on a piece of paper and then rip it in half. Release it once and for all and replace it with the teachings of Masters. Take the books of Gurdjieff, Osho, Castaneda, or Jesus and study them and do what they say. Don Juan told Castaneda that his goal was to pursue the perfect self-completion of his energetic body. Gurdjieff explained how to study oneself almost like a scientist. Jesus told people how to see the Divine purpose of a man and to love everything. Osho taught people how to have sex and relate to each other, to the world and to live freely, from within. Follow these profound, existential teachings.

Osho's disciples used to tell each other :

“I know you are not a prince - you are a human being." “I know that you are not a princess, either. Now we are together because we are attracted to each other, and we have a lot of intense, passionate emotions inside. We want to be intimate with each other, hug, kiss and have sex and enjoy it like we enjoy a meditation. We will explore each other and enhance our experience as humans because it is one of the most beautiful things in life. Afterwards, we will not necessarily have any obligation to one another to found a family and kids. This is not the purpose of our meeting.” And they stopped obsessing about their relationships, insisting that it lead somewhere externally. They were practicing tantra. They didn’t have fantasies; they were simply meditating, experiencing, and observing the flow of energy. Look at cats. Cats do not have to stay with another cat for the rest of their lives simply because they had sex.

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

People also complain that in many situations they do not know what to do. Usually, the first impression a person has of a situation is the right one, but then afterwards there is a lot of second-guessing, over-thinking, and doubt that lead to confusion. So what should we do? We have to become spiritual warriors and always move forward no matter what. We need to stop over-exaggerating obstacles, stop overthinking things. There is no such thing as luck or failure. You should always strive to overcome your inner obstacles and limitations. This is how a man evolves. When Gurdjieff had a car accident, he didn’t take it as an unfortunate thing, but he used it to overcome himself. When they crucified Christ, he took it as a challenge to overcome his limitations and achieve union with his Father.

Have Faith

If you believe in something, you need to move in the direction of your faith, even if nobody believes in you. Do not pay attention to the haters and the critics. If you do, you will become like them, and you will start doubting yourself, criticizing yourself, and hating yourself. You will be full of inner conflict. Maybe your mother or father used to condemn you when you were a child, and now you think you have to condemn yourself to remain connected with them. We do so many things unconsciously in our life.

To be continued…

About the Author

Northern Deer Alexander is the founder of The WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he enjoys leading shamanic journeys and meditation sessions, going for walks, traveling and meeting new people, engaging in energetic and physical training, reading books, and creating online courses on spirituality and personal development.