Money, Energy & Transformation (Part 6)

Northern Deer Alexander

There is one basic rule for success (success of any kind and at all levels): you need to stay focused on your Higher Goal in life, and not be distracted by irrelevant or secondary things. You should see an end to your goal in all your actions, feelings, and thoughts. If this goal is genuinely spiritual and reflects your Higher Self or inner truth, then energies of a "higher" vibration will appear inside of you. These powerful, subtle energies will become the power of intention within you. This is one of the most significant forces in the Universe, and intention will start helping you. Almost as though you were a shaman connecting with the higher spirits and with your inner shamanic powers. These spirits will start helping you and will become your spirit helpers. In reality, it is you who becomes the spirit at this moment, because these powerful energies pass through you internally. You become the channel for these energies, which is what a shaman always does.

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When you start developing yourself

... and the world around you in this way, this becomes your Higher Self and your destination in life - your Higher Goal.
A student from our school, at one of our seminars on business and spirituality, took down the following notes from the teachings about intention and higher manifestation: "When you are thinking about your True Goal never "listen to yourself” and your thoughts. If you do, then you will hear three possible voices from some not so good spirits inside: the spirit of laziness; the spirit of attachment to sex, food, pleasure, and other desires; and the voice of your projected fears. And if you start following and satisfying these voices, you will never achieve anything."

There are also people who we call "wolves" that listen to the three voices of fame, wealth, and power. The biggest wolves in the past were Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong. People were afraid of them, worshipped them, and respected them. These people are definitely not what you would call lazy - in this respect (and this respect only), you need to be more like them.  

After laziness

... as mentioned above, we also have the spirit of sexual instincts and desires.
Desires make us dream about pleasant things: food, games, movies, shopping, parties etc. The sexual impulse makes people dream about family, getting married, having kids, and having all kinds of pleasures in their life. This is the power of nature because nature continues to multiply itself through humans as well. This is the animal instinct inside of us. So this gives birth to children because through this instinct, humans get pleasure and satisfaction. The desire creates
images in our heads, in our imagination. When humans are under the influence of their sexual energy, they imagine love, relationships, their other half, and happiness through a partner. But the reality is not based on beliefs or dreams. What we see is that after people do all this and create a family, they usually start becoming similar to their parents. Boredom and routine seep in, and after a number of years, all semblances of creativity and imagination in the sexual energy
disappears; this is the second trap of the mind.

Lastly, the spirit of fear.

People have fears which are sometimes exploited by others. Through fear, people become obedient citizens following the path of the majority and forgetting their
destination in life, their deepest intrinsic dreams.

If you think of people like Carl Marx -- and there are many people like him in the world -- they create solutions and ideologies to ease the fears and weaknesses of the people. And because people are afraid, they are willing to believe anything or follow anybody that offers beautiful words or ideologies that make sense in their minds. They can go even to war and march towards their own death based on the "importance of the cause"! People choose to be followers because of their own fear of being themselves, the fear of being unique or independent and following their true nature.

In sex, we usually program our subconscious mind

... with a lot of fantasies and illusions. For example, if someone makes a romantic declaration of his love for his beloved, we call him a Prince, and immediately think of him as a nobleman. But in reality, identifying with something higher or ideal through sheer sentimentality and romantic feelings is illogical and immature. Real life is not a romantic movie. In this way, people "fall" in love, and then they start complaining to each other and whining. These people can't usually do anything more in their life; they cannot achieve many things because they believe in ideals, fairylands, and wishful thinking. They hope for a better future but never achieve anything. If you want to have special people around you, success, and greatness in your life, you should not wait for life to bring you the winning lottery ticket or the prince. Because if you wait, you will attract only people who similarly wait and do nothing like you or you will attract people who only want something from you. You need to search for what you need and pursue your dreams actively -- and not wait for life to treat you like you're special because you believe you are a good person. Everyone is good, but few thrive in this world. The majority do little more than just survive.

Castaneda met Don Juan

... without knowing what was going to happen. But this is a rare example. First of all, when Castaneda found Don Juan, he was already searching for something - an indigenous person to give him some information. And secondly, if Castaneda had gone to the train station even just a little bit later, then he never would have met Don Juan.
So my friends, do not wait for good luck, or special circumstances, to be sent by the universe; pursue your goals without stopping and without prejudice or expectations. Only then The Universe can help...

Be open to everything, and be aware!

To be continued...  

About the Author

Northern Deer Alexander is the founder of The WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he enjoys leading shamanic journeys and meditation sessions, going for walks, traveling and meeting new people, engaging in energetic and physical training, reading books, and creating online courses on spirituality and personal development.