An event to help you live your healthiest and most fulfilling life as a man.

June 23-27 | Eifel National Park, Germany

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Why Attend?

This is an invitation to come express yourself, share with other men and RECLAIM the power that is yours as a man.


Life calls you to be a leader, a creator, and a provider for those around you. That is your highest essence and most authentic state of being. The only way to find peace and be successful (in the way you dream about it) is by living in harmony with your true nature.


Due to our upbringing and social education/ conditioning, many men have forgotten this power they have inside.


With all that hunting for comfort, safety, control, much office work, and conforming to too many established rules, they have lost the connection with the adventurer, the freedom fighter, and the conqueror within.

Video From Men's Academy Retreat in 2018

A Calling For All Men

How can we manifest our great life projects without the masculine spirit, the spirit of the "warrior within"?


How can we attract and sustain the feminine energies in our life without having mastered inner stability?


Can we maintain our passion and confidence in life without conquering psychological strength & self-mastery?


None of this is possible if we do not cultivate and crystallize the masculine essence (all of the above) within us.


We at The World of Wisdom and Spiritual Adventure have been committed to developing true masculine qualities for years, through our MEN'S ACADEMY project.


This community is made up of modern men who seek to better themselves every day, to evolve and offer the best to their loved ones and to the world.


We know that there is no better way to challenge our limitations than together in brotherhood. We've been doing this for years in this community and this is why we are calling all men with a heart to join us, come together and grow in power, comradery, and pure purpose.

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For men who are trying to become the best version of themselves

Facilitators & Founders of MEN'S ACADEMY

Our keynote speakers are recognized spiritual, personal development & wellness teachers & instructors

Northern Deer Alexander

Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Healer

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Pablo Leon

Spiritual Guide,Coach & Healer

Inner Spark

Daniel Van Nerom

Spiritual Teacher & Therapist

Zenit Shiatsu

In this retreat...

You will find what you need to recover and strengthen your masculine essence: Intensity, companionship, nature, challenges, teachings, rest and fun.


For five days, we will put aside distractions, over-thinking and fantasies and focus on action!


We will do activities in nature, visit our surroundings, practice water sports, learn personal empowerment practices, swim, dance and enjoy a wonderful sauna, among other things.


We will also have moments of sharing and learning during the whole retreat, guided by Spiritual Master Northern Deer & the other Men's Academy instructors.


Master Northern Deer Alexander is a spiritual guide, healer, and shaman who started from the Siberian shamanic tradition. He will bring us knowledge from ancient cultures and spiritual traditions on the role of masculine energy in the world and how a man can achieve profound happiness.


During the retreat, you will be able to ask the facilitators whatever you need to break through the obstacles and limitations you may have and help you succeed in your life's goals. You will also be able to share your experiences and obstacles with the whole group of companions.


There is nothing we cannot conquer together. We invite you to offer yourself this experience as a gift of love and power.


After the retreat, you will feel clarity and security. The experience will completely transform your perception of your life and circumstances.


The whole world changes if you change your energic state. It's that simple.


So... come with us, and change your world!


With love,


WoW Men's Academy Team

Let's make this world a better place!



Friday - June 23

  • Arrive at Eifel and at our hotel (Hotel Paulushof)
  • Introduction to the Retreat
  • Dinner
  • The Purpose of the Masculine Essence in Existence - Meditation with the shamanic drum and connection with the spirit of the masculine essence.


Saturday - June 24

  • Morning exercises for rejuvenation and vitality
  • Breakfast
  • Trip to the lake and canoeing meditation - Finding yourself in the middle of the lake and connect with the power of the unknown nature you have inside
  • Lunch

  • Trip into nature and practices for personal power while hiking in the Eifel Natural Forest
  • Practices at the Hotel - Sauna and swimming

  • Dinner
  • Seminar - 10 STEPS to Continue Attracting Abundance into Your Life


Sunday - June 25

  • Morning exercises for rejuvenation and vitality
  • Breakfast
  • Biking meditation or Walking meditation in the beautiful nature surrounding the lake Rursee
  • Swimming practices in the indoor pool
  • Lunch

  • Practices in the forest "The Masculine Qualities That We Need In Our Lives As Men"
  • Dinner
  • Evening Meditation


Monday - June 26

  • Morning exercises for rejuvenation and vitality
  • Breakfast
  • The meaning Of the Masculine Circle - How Men Can Empower Each Other
  • Shamanic Theater : Understanding the Masculine Essence
  • Lunch
  • "Kata Of Fury" - Practice To Grow The Personal Masculine Energy Field
  • Basic "Kata Of Empowerment"
  • Dinner
  • Evening Meditation


Tuesday - June 27

  • Morning exercises for rejuvenation and vitality
  • Breakfast
  • Visit Wilder Kermeter Natural Adventure Park - Seminar on the Power of Intention : How to build our personal power using the power of intention in our lives.
  • Closing Practice - The "Hot Chili" Circle Meditation for the inner strengthening of our truest intention
  • Return to our homes



Friday, June 23rd, 5pm to Tuesday, June 27th, 5pm


Hotel Paulushof - 10 Seeufer

 Simmerath, NRW

More information

IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE you need to REGISTER & prepay the amount of 150€ - (non-refundable)(Limited places for participation - up to 15 participants)

  • COST FOR PARTICIPATION in the MEN'S ACADEMY 5-Day Retreat - 600€
  • This includes the seminar/practices, accommodation with breakfast, rental of the boats, the indoor swimming pool, and sauna!

  • Not included:  lunch & dinner meals; bike rental. ---- To keep costs as low as possible, we will have lunch & dinner at the hotel, in exchange for using the hotel conference room for free (a small conference room).

  • We will travel from Brussels with a few cars, starting on Friday, June 23 at around 9:00 am, and we will share the gasoline. If you are coming from another location or country, you will need to find your own way to arrive there, but we may also be able to help you coordinate with someone who may be coming via a similar route as you -
  • From Brussels, the distance between Hotel Paulushof and the Eifel National Park is approx 2 - 2.5 hours (170 km).

** Register by June 6 to save 10% on your registration fee. 


Northern Deer Alexander - Email: - Tel: +40 751 895532

Pablo Leon - Email: - Tel: +34 661 953 617

Belgium - Daniel Van Nerom - - Tel: +32 475 732786

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Register by June 6 to save 10% on your registration fee. 

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