How You Can Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Northern Deer Alexander


Is there some magic secret to what makes some relationships last and be merrier than others?
Maybe some people know and apply magic.
Do some people sit back and pity themselves about how their lives have become, while others seem able to let go of ignorance and become sheer observers of life and even of their problems? One could argue that it indeed seems so for some people.
Or maybe the truth is that some people find knowledge and discover some secrets of success from mentors and other people close to them, even their families.
And since the last one is probably more true, here are some tips for people who want to enjoy longer, happier relationships.

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From time to time, revisit the start of your relationships, make a revision, look back. Remember what brought you together. What were the exact feelings you had when you fell in love back then?

Remember your first meetings, your first dates. Remember the first time you kissed or expressed your love to each other.
Especially when times are difficult, this going to the beginning can help you tremendously to look at your partner with love and compassion again and remember that you truly loved each other.

Re-living these first feelings and bringing them back again will save your marriage/relationship  


Start dating each other again.

Dating is crucial. Dating makes your meeting more "special," and you need to refresh this unique feeling, the magic of your relationship.

Even if it seems to you that you are too busy, you can always create some time to meet for a date in a coffee shop in a restaurant or the park. Keep it light and easy. Keep it joyful and magical. Go for bowling or mini-golf. Have time together as a couple. Keep dating. It will make your life beautiful, and you need beauty to keep the love flowing.


Couples tend to have fun when they were once upon a time dating, then get together or married and become too serious with routine life.
Don't do this to yourselves! Please go easy on yourselves and become more light!
Start playing games, go to movies and have fun, travel to lovely places, get together with friends for a karaoke evening, cook pizza together, go on a bike ride to the nearby forest.

There are hundreds of things that you can do to have fun. Do a puzzle, for Christ's sake!


There is no need to remember and concentrate all the time on the bad things that happened between you - all your fights and arguments.

Choose to forget if possible and for the majority of the time. Be the bearer of peace. Realize that arguments and fights are not essential between you and your partner but probably some misunderstandings.

Create this habit to quickly forget the bad vibes and keep mostly the good ones; this will help you tremendously.


Love means to love the other for who they are. You don't love someone because they are YOURS. Let your partner be themselves, and allow this you give them the space to feel freedom.

The best is that if you provide this freedom, you can give this to you as well. And this is a great gift.
Everyone needs some time with themselves and time with their buddies, best friends, family members, or mentors. Be sure to give and take enough of this free space.  


Learn to keep your own opinion. It is crucial. You do not have to please your partner all the time. This can become a big reason for destroying a relationship. If you disagree, state it without attachment and leave it there.

There is no need to win over your partner or keep control over each other. No need to necessarily please your partner all the time, either. You can't anyway, even if you try. Get along with it and BE YOURSELF.


Make something together. Don't just work and co-exist. Life has so many essential things. Involve yourselves in some more significant project that gives your relationship meaning.

Learn to enjoy special moments and events. For example, maybe you enjoy going to a spiritual retreat every year together or dedicate some time to help people in need in your community.

Next year, you might schedule a time to climb a mountain together or pass a challenge of some sort. Participate in an important annual event. Start a collection or build a treehouse together. You name it.

Do something that will remain in time as a great fun memory you created together!


Life is unique, and so is your relationship. Besides these tips, here you can find something else that is not mentioned that can bond your love and your life in one amazing beautiful experience.

Just observe your life, and if you have the intention, the idea will come to you for sure. Just do not let life's obligations, jobs, or habits get the best out of your relationship. You will regret it in the end.
But I know you can do it.
Go for it and make your relationship space of beautiful life experiences.
You deserve it.

About the Author

Northern Deer Alexander is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he enjoys leading shamanic journeys and meditation sessions, going for walks, traveling and meeting new people, engaging in energetic and physical training, reading books, and creating online courses on spirituality and personal development.