How Transformation Will Help You Become Complete

Northern Deer Alexander


This blog post is about transformation. Transformation is the process of becoming complete, and this includes financial, physical, psychological, and spiritual freedom. To become complete means you arrive at a state where your past experiences are no longer burdening you or holding you back from living the way that you want to live; destructive habits have been let go of so that they don't stop us from living in peace; negative programming has been replaced with positive programming so that we can thrive.

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Transformation is about becoming more alive

... and active in the present as well, having a lot of energy, changing your energy levels to higher ones. It's also about creating a great future for yourself. And this process begins by realizing one important thing: that change is an inside job! You can't wait for someone else to make you better; you have to do it for yourself because if someone else could do it for you then you are not the owner of what you are becoming - ownership of our life is the key here and it is the part of the process that we can do.  

This is the big goal of life

... and this process begins with accepting responsibility for yourself, which means BECOMING ABLE to take care of yourself. Transformation starts from within so it's all about taking ownership of your own inner processes first! The way out is through - transformation has nothing to do with changing our exterior appearance or doing superficial things like changing partners, living space, or our job; it has everything to do with the way we perceive ourselves and our life situation.

This is about changing from within so that you can stop being a victim of your circumstances and start creating what you want. The way of the victim, identifying ourselves as victims of circumstances is what makes all our power go away and directs us in the opposite direction. This happens exactly because we cannot become the owner of our inner world and the governor of what is happening in our psyche. This though would be the only thing that would make ALL the difference in the world for the majority of people. And it is what separates the successful in life people from the unsuccessful.

How to control your psychology though?

In order to control your inner world, you need to take charge of how it is organized. Your psychology needs a system and an organization that would guide all the thoughts and emotions. This will make them more orderly and easier for us to follow up with them. One of the best ways to do this is by creating affirmations that can be used like guiding rules of the right path for you, reminders of the way you have to follow.

In the WOW Academies, we use Affirmation Systems all the time to frame our path and realize the most important aspects of a successful process.  

A few affirmations that every person who wants to make a change in their life needs:

  • I am capable of greatness.
  • My mind is my best friend, not my worst enemy.
  • Everything will be ok no matter what happens because this too shall pass.
  • I allow my spirit to guide me

In order for you to empower your psychology, you need not only to remind yourself of these phrases but to arrive at the point to live them spontaneously in your everyday life until you can say that they have become your second nature.

And exactly here is what transformation is all about - taking you from hearing or reading these phrases as something to strive for, to living them and knowing them from within. This is what transformation ultimately is for and why it is necessary to master it in order to achieve the growth you seek deep inside you.

So transformation will help you become complete.

To become complete as we said before means you arrive at financial, physical, psychological, and spiritual freedom. This is our destination in life. This is the biggest life goal that we have and the reason we need growth - to let go of burdening past experiences, destructive habits that stop us from living the way we are meant to live. We deserve this, YOU deserve this.  

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.