How To Find Personal Growth Through Coaching

Northern Deer


You may have issues in your life. Life is hard, after all. There are a lot of things going on in your everyday interactions. Many things can come up, good and bad, and maybe you need to find ways to control your life and deal with all these.

I have observed that when things go wrong, when we start meeting obstacles, we can suddenly lose our good state and start feeling depressed. We are often dealing with so many variables and issues every day for many days in a row, especially today with the problems that we face in the whole world. Life can bend anybody, and it often does. Also, when we feel beaten up in these moments, we may start losing our perspective of why we do what we do and what we should do next. This last one was an obstacle that I had faced many times when I was tired and beaten by obstacles and difficulties on my way - I was losing sight of what I should do. Countless times, this resulted in me wanting to quit my endeavors because it is tough to keep going when things go against you, and you don't see the road ahead anymore.

But I, like many others, specifically in these situations, had turned to consult my mentors. Because I had them on my side, I found solace, answers, and solutions and managed to return on my path stronger than ever. Many times exactly because of the difficulties and mentorship after I got the most significant breakthroughs that propelled me to advance very fast and to new heights of fulfillment and joy. And it was always amazing for me how the biggest obstacles played the most prominent role in catapulting me to success and freedom.

So there is nothing to be upset about turning to a mentor or another human for help and seek advice. Some people consider this shameful, and admitting of defeat: " come one! This means I can't deal with my one issue" - I hope you are not one of these people. There is no shame in entering the role of a student. Quite the opposite, there is pride in studying with the best of the best. Imagine being one of the Apostles, a disciple following Christ, for example; would you feel ashamed that you are a follower thinking that you cannot live your own life on your own and someone else has to tell you what is right and wrong for you?

No right?

If coaching is something that can help you live a better life and grow as a person, you should do it.

Need Some Help or Advice?   

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Get out of the rut.

I suppose you want to grow and evolve; otherwise, you would not read this article. So you need to know that getting out of the rut that you are in is very important for your personal growth, whatever this may be.

Somethings are causing you grief and creating hardship, and you have to find out these things; otherwise, the same roots will create new branches in the tree of your problems. You can almost guarantee that you will repeat the hard times again and again - the same lessons repeated if not learned.

But if you do take time to have coaching in your life and get help for your problems, you will be able to get unstuck, and you will move on to bigger and better things.

How to choose whom to follow and what coaching i should pursue?

The best solution to this question is to ask many people who have done it before you and ask them about their results and if it was suitable for their lives. Get the experience of others to help you. After all, we are all in the same boat of self-development, and we should try to trust our life and the people around us. What is the worst-case scenario if you asked someone you know who had coaching and changed his life? Maybe this would convince you to do it yourself. Is this what you are afraid of?

Maybe you are afraid to change.

I get it. After all, we often prefer to dwell on the same issues than to resolve them and move further ahead on our path. Change is scary, and having the right coach in your life for the right reason can help you to make that change as fast as possible.

In the end of the day it is simple

Coaching can help you work through your issues. It will guide you to get to the place you have to be to find happiness.

There are many types of coaching, and actually, it boils down to the personal style and energy of every coach/mentor. But it is up to you to make sure that you have the right one for the situation that you are in.

Finally, when you can see where the issues you have are coming from, when you can confront your challenges in a straightforward way, you will be able to take the next steps in your life, and you will be on your way to growing to the person you would like to become.

And remember, after you pass a life's test and you move on, you will inevitably meet new exciting things, and of course, down the road, new challenges will be waiting for you as well. But that is what life is all about, and that is utterly awesome!

Another thing that coaching can do for you is to teach you how to become able to express yourself better. This will help you find more and better communication with people, make friends and arrive to having all that you want in your life.

Final words

So when you arrive at the point in your life where you are not sure about things, you may want to consider coaching to get the answers. You can do coaching also in private, and no one needs to know about it.

Also, this is something that you can do for a short time to solve some minor issue that is burning you in this moment or long term. This depends on the type of situations you are dealing with and your personal preferences. Coaching will also help you find more things about yourself, understand the roots of your troubles better, and come up with real solutions and insights about how you would like your life to be in the future, something precious and vital for everyone.

About the Author

Northern Deer is the founder of WOW Academy. When he is not working with his students, he likes doing shamanic journeys, meditation, going for walks, creating online courses, reading books, energetic and physical training, traveling, meeting, and discussing with people.