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Busteni, Romania - June 24th to 28th, 2022



* WILL POWER (Ajna) : Focus, Concentration, Sriyantre Meditation and Black Dot Meditation, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Eye Healing

* VISUALIZATION (Important for fulfilling our true purpose)

* DANCE OF SHIVA : Stability, Focus


* ESOTERIC MARTIAL ARTS : Levels of Protection

* SHAMANIC RITUALS : How to become your own shaman and heal yourself and others

* THEATRE : The Art of Communication and Behaviour

* THE 5 PARTS OF OUR SOUL (Shamanic Teaching) : How to be balanced



As you see, our bag is full of many beautiful things, all we have to do is reach out and grab it. It all depends on us!

The leader and mentor of this camp will be Northern Deer Alexander, Shaman Healer with a lot of experience and a deep love for human beings. For the past 22 years, he has traveled all over the world, gathered immense experience and wisdom, and shared this with those around him in his own unique, simple way, which everyone relates to. He is the founder of the World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure, a spiritual school, where he teaches the knowledge he has gathered in seminars, rituals, private sessions, and excursions to places of power, including Romania, Peru, Tibet, Greece, Turkey, USA, Spain, Azores, UK, and Belgium.

Through the eyes of the shaman - the one who is aware - you see everything differently. Through his energy, you too can reach higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

”I have participated in many meditations and private sessions with other masters, but after just one seminar with Alexander, I have had more intense experiences, lucid dreaming, and many realizations. He spoke so simply that I understood everything very clearly. Now, I understand what is happening with me and I know what I have to do. Thank you for being in my life. The End.” - Christine, from France

The location gives us the best conditions for all the practices we will be doing. It has clean and comfortable rooms, double or single (please let us know if you would like a private room, as the price will be different). The conference room is spacious and perfect for our activities. The surrounding nature is magnificent and gives us a lot of positive energy.

*** Dont forget to bring comfortable clothes for i

inside, appropriate clothes for outside, a raincoat, shoes for hiking, a pen and notebook.


To participate, please register and pay a deposit of 200 euros. Please send the payment to the following link :

SEMINAR : 275 Euros

SEMINAR EARLYBIRD (Registration before May 22) : 235 euros

ACCOMMODATION & MEALS (3 meals/day) : 200 Euros

For members of WOW Academy and WOW Yoga Academy, the price of the seminar is 200 Euros and the price for accommodation, conference room and meals is 200 Euros.Earlybird Registration (before May 22) : 175 euros

For members of WOW Academy for Spiritual Guides & Therapists, the seminar is free and the price for accommodation, conference room and meals is 200 Euros.

For more information, please contact:

If you live in Greece, please write to Yula Karaviti - Tel: (0030) 6940566340
or Alexander Northern Deer - Tel: (0040) 751895532

If you live in any other country (except Romania) write to Alexander Northern Deer - Tel: (0040) 751895532 - (For Romania check the Romanian Flyer) 

A powerful retreat for personal growth and transformation

Learn, grow, evolve, heal and share these gifts with others!

Welcome to the best camp for personal evolution!

This event will show you clearly what you need to focus on and what not to waste your time and energy on! When we are connected to a simple and efficient knowledge, it is a blessing which brings nothing but benefits.

In our school, the World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure, we learn to make things simple and to detach from the tangled ways of the mind, which has been programmed to respect social rules, but doesn.t lead us to the deep fulfillment that we are all searching for.

We all want to be happy!
We want to love and be loved!
We want to be healthy!
We want to expand our consciousness and experience as many things as possible!

We all want these things, and we deserve it. We deserve nothing but the best in our lives!
Deep down, we know that we deserve it, and this is why we want to be happy and free!

There are a few people on this Earth that dedicate their entire lives, and all their energy, to discovering new paths towards freedom. These people experience the phenomena in the world around us at the deepest level. They discover what elevates us and brings us down, what gives us energy and what sucks our energy away, and then share this precious knowledge with others.

This is how HEALERS are born, people who love others, who overcome their limitations, and want these blessings for others as well.

This seminar has been SPECIALLY created for those souls who are constantly searching for new ways to help themselves and others. It is for HEALERS - for those who are SEEKING THE TRUTH.
And YOU - are one of them!

You - who hear your souls calling to get out of your suffering!
You - who know in your heart that there must be another way!
You - who never gives up!

For you and for those of us who never give up until we get to the root of our imbalances, to the source of our problems, and to remove them for good. We created this event at a time when the energy balance of the SOLSTICE and the warm healing energy of SANZIENELOR will bring even more energy to our evolution.

Take your intention to heal yourself and others and come to Busteni 24 to 28 June, 2022. In this seminar we have many different practices which will work on many different levels, for the best results. We will start on June 24th at 4pm.

Join us!

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